Thursday, 1 March 2012


I am still here, but just need to say I have almost retired from dolly dressmaking. I say almost because I may just need a dose from time to time.  I have a hat and coat set made which I will be sending to Cathy for the festival she is going to, so I hope it will be placed in a raffle or something   Thanks to all that do look at the blog and sorry its  not very often updated.  Enjoy your dolly hobby


  1. Hello Mary, i am very sad to hear that your almost retiring from dolly dressmaking!!! I look at your blog often, as i love your outfits!
    Look after yourself. I shall keep looking just in case, lol.
    Love Steve XXx

  2. Hi Steve,
    just would like to say thank you for your loyal support over the years. I have had lots of pleasure sewing for Sasha but the pleasure would not have been complete without people like yourself and other members of the sasha community. I hope you continue to enjoy your hobby for many years to come. Best regards Mary.

  3. Hi, well, I just discovered you, so it is unlucky for me, but I am sure it is all for the best for you! But I still would like to say what I have seen is so charming and inspiring, thank you, and I hope you keep the blog up so we can continue to revisit and admire...Kirsten from the USA

  4. I think I've just discovered how to leave a comment under anonymous ...

    I would just like to also say that I'm also very sad to hear that you're almost retiring from making your wonderful outfits for Sashas and other dolls. I often look at your blog and have loved seeing all the different outfits you have made over the years, I missed a fair few along the way but am so happy to have a few of your special outfits. You have a certain way with colours and types of materials used, I can always tell if it's a Betsymay. Take care and I too shall keep popping by for a look, just incase! Hugs Cathy x