Monday, 12 November 2012

I am long winded with my blog posts but when I read other blogs I am not on my own. 
 I have been knitting adult mitts ready for the winter but just had the urge to create for Sasha so I have completed 2 new sets . The blue checked fabric is a blue brushed cotton and the fine knitted stockings and knits are lambswool and angora, this wool must have been with me about 25 years .
The pretty cotton print dress  fabric  was purchased just recently from a local shop, not very expensive but reminded me of 1950s quality cotton. the fine knits are a slightly brushed yarn. I have tried to co-ordinate the leather shoes with a little wool trim. 
As our postage has gone up these outfits  are £40 each inclusive of post and packing 
Cotton print dress outfit now sold
Blue outfit now sold