Sunday, 12 August 2012


I made these dolls some time ago, both are made from old irish linen damask serviettes.  The checked viyella dresses are  Sasha size,  The big rabbit is also made from linen damask and the little rabbit from calico.   They are all made from my own pattern  apart from the  little rabbit which is taken from a pattern book by cabbages and roses.


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Smocking for Sasha

This is the latest outfit I have made for Sasha.  Its such a long time since I did some smocking and  its suprising how you forget till you get going again.  Its quite a substantial  set  as it kind of evolved and I kept changing my mind.   Its a mid calf length dress with smocking across the bodice in green, the fabric is liberty lawn including the pants and hat which as you see are a plain liberty lawn. I made the long socks to match the bag and the ankle strap shoes then made the wool cream socks and the slip on shoes, couldn't make up my mind which looked best so all are included . The colour of the bag is high lighted by 2 little crochet buttons at each side of the hat. Its a nice little set and Sasha looks a bit like Holly Hobby.  £35.00 to include post and packing.  lots of picture taken on this very warm day. SORRY THIS IS NOW SOLD